Floor - Grandfather Clocks

First mechanical clocks were constructed in Europe, XIII century, but at that time there still was no dial or arrows on it. For the first time, a mechanical watch dial was applied in 1364. By the nineteenth century stationary clocks were produced by masters of that time, so often very expensive and seldom “affordable” to a common man. Later, simpler clock constructions were invented, mass production began, so the clocks could be bought even by middle class people. However, some well-known at that time clock masters were still producing unique, single made floor-standing clocks. At our antiques centre you can find well-known clock manufacturers watches of Junghans, Westminister, Hermles and so on, as well as individual works of clockmakers. Remember that antique clock – it is not a one-day investment, because with the years passing its value will only increase.

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