Lamps serve a dual purpose, serving not only as sources of illumination but also as vital components of interior design. Hence, the meticulous selection of lamps is of paramount importance.

In antiquity, the primary sources of artificial light were candles and oil lamps, which could be considered the earliest forms of lighting fixtures. The eighteenth century witnessed the advent of gas lamps and wick-based lamps for domestic use and illuminating gatherings of people. However, a groundbreaking moment occurred in 1879 when Thomas Edison introduced the world to the first electric light bulb.

At our center, we offer a diverse range of antique lighting fixtures that cater to both classical and modern interior designs, as well as various house aesthetics. For expansive spaces, our collection includes grand chandeliers with numerous branches, often adorned with natural crystals, to elegantly fill the room with light. In more modestly sized homes, we provide options such as ancient wall sconces and charming antique floor lamps, ideal for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.

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