The concept of reclining on upholstered armchair-style furniture first emerged in England during the late eighteenth century. This innovative idea was born from the experience of riding on horseback and the sensation of “springing” in a saddle. These early armchairs were predominantly covered in leather or textiles, concealing an array of hidden cushions beneath. During this era, they were commonly referred to as “sleeping chairs.”

These distinctive pieces of furniture quickly gained popularity among the affluent, eventually evolving into symbols of social status. Antique armchairs from this period are known for their exceptional and unique designs. An antique armchair has the potential to serve as a captivating interior accent, particularly if it boasts intricate handmade carvings or engravings, and is adorned with ornate, brightly colored, or opulent fabrics. It’s worth noting that these antique armchairs offer one of the most ergonomic ways to rejuvenate your home’s interior, blending both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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