Console tables

The console table, a small and slender piece of furniture, typically finds its place beneath a wall mirror or nestled between windows. Its historical significance dates back to seventeenth-century Italy, where it held a prominent role in interior design. During this era, consoles were distinguished by their ornate and decorative features, such as intricate carvings and lavish gilding. In fact, they resembled works of art more than mere items of furniture.

As time passed, consoles gained popularity in France during the reign of Louis XIV. However, their design underwent significant changes. They became smaller in size, less extravagantly adorned, and often featured legs connected by decorative lattice work.

In contemporary times, consoles are regarded as supplementary pieces of interior furniture. Antique consoles remain highly sought after for filling spacious interiors, and they can serve as exquisite decorative additions to living rooms. A console table paired with a mirror can also serve a functional role as a vanity or cosmetic table.

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